1. How long does the painting last?
    The painting lasts 5 YEARS if the recommended instructions are followed when finishing the work
  2. We charge for giving estimates?
    NOT our ESTIMATES are totally FREE, communicate with us and we will gladly advise you
  3. What is our schedule?
    Monday to Saturday 8:00 - 18:00 Sunday closed.
  4. What services do they have?
    REPAIR-RECOLOR-REFINISH So much the repair, change of color and renovation are made in the tubs or bathtubs, tiles in kitchen and walls; showers, kitchen sinks, laundry and bathroom.
  5. Do they a warranty?
    The bathtubs have a 5 year warranty, if the instructions that we provide at the end of the work are followed. The rest, such as sinks, walls, or counters, have a guarantee but vary the amount of time. For more details write to: [email protected] or call: (323) 228 8947
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