Marco Banderas

Founder & CEO ARC Reglazing

ARC Reglazing started in 2004 with the idea of being a quick and economical alternative to reuse tubs, sink and walls in bathrooms and kitchens and to look like new.
ARC Reglazing Since then he has been the leader in tubs and bathroom reglazing, offering residential and commercial services.
I called ARC Reglazing and spoke with Marco. He came to my house the same day and was able to schedule me a day later. His technician was reliable and efficient. The bathrooms were excellent and the work area was kept very clean. I would recommend using ARC Reglazing for any Reglazing project.

Jeff W.

Help people who have useable and aesthetic bathrooms and kitchens and give me the fair exchange for that help in Los Angeles County.

As part of that purpose we constantly plan and execute the growth of ARC Reglazing to go attending a larger area in California.

  • ¬†With technological advances and environmental changes, research the high quality materials that allow to do the work quickly and with quality with the least damage to the body and the environment.
  • Originate plans according to the purpose, that are real and executable that ensure the establishment of each area of the company.

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